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"Yule" love it!

Get ready for hilarious holiday high-jinx as some talented residents of the North Pole perform in their annual talent show. The zany and colorful cast of characters includes a wisecracking fruitcake, a musical goose, tumbling teddy bears, a duo of dancing deer, the "not-so-abominable" snowman and much, much more!

This sparkling holiday production combines music, live vocal performance and a variety of beautifully costumed hand puppets and rod puppets. This show will "sleigh" you!

Curriculum Connections:

  • Language Arts

  • Social Studies

  • Music

  • Visual Arts

  • Theatre

For more information and activities, download the Bright from the Start Learning Extension or the Elementary School Teacher Guide.


This 45 minute peformance features live vocal characterization, moving-mouth hand puppets, and a variety of rod puppets. Concludes with a Behind-the-scenes puppet demonstration


Suggest up to 300 and ages Pre-K-5, Families

Technical Support:

Lighting and sound provided for local performances.

Staging Requirements:

Requires indoor space at least 15ft square and close to electrical outlet.

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