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Recycled thrift store items are given new life in this fantastic, frenetic retelling based on the Collodi classic text.

Found-object puppet characters are constructed from various recycled things like kitchen utensils, baskets and tennis rackets.

In addition to the found-object puppets, this original one-man "tour de farce" combines authentic Italian music, Commedia-style mask work, and plenty of audience participation!

Produced with a grant from the Jim Henson Foundation, Inc.

Curriculum Connections:

  • Language Arts

  • Character Education

  • Social Studies

  • Music

  • Visual Arts

  • Theatre

For a more education information, download the Bright from the Start Learning Extension or the Elementary School Teacher Guide!


This 45 minute show features found-object puppetry, audience participation, Italian music and Commedia-style mask work.


Suggest up to 300 / PRE-K thru 5, Families

Technical Support:

Sound and lighting included for LOCAL performances.

Staging Requirements:

Requires approximately 10 square feet level space and unobstructed height clearance of 10 feet. Space should be as dark as possible. Close to electrical outlets.

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